• How many QZ tоkеns are for 1 ЕTH?

    All QZ tоkеns will be distributed between all the participants. As we won’t burn tоkеns, QZ rate will be calculated after the end of the tоkеn exchane. If we collect 15000 ЕTH, we will summarize them with 1000+50% (pre stage) and 250+75% (private stage). So you will get 3542.43 QZ for each 1 ЕTH at main tоkеn exchange.

  • Is there any guide for the PreQZ people?

    We will send QZ tоkеns to the Еthеrеum wallets of the participant of the Private and Pre tоkеn exchange stages.

  • What should I be doing to get the tоkеns now?

    tоkеns will be distributed automatically after the end of tоkеn exchange. You can use efir.io while waiting.

  • When will the tоkеn be on the exchange?

    After the main tоkеn exchange. We already have offers from several exchanges. So we just need to make a choice.

  • What is the min and max price per tоkеn in the main crowdsale?

    All QZ tоkеns will be distributed between all the participants. As we won’t burn tоkеns, QZ rate will be calculated at the end of the tоkеn exchange. Max theoretically possible price - 1QZ 0,00027еth. Min - 0,000032еth.

  • Many bloggers add contact information in their profile on YouTube. What is the advantage of your service?

    "There are no any other free and open bloggers search engines. And you could protect your decentralized deal with blogger by using our smart contracts with external oracles. Oracles help you pay for the measurable result.In the beginning of this year we had only 1k bloggers accessible to our search engine. Now the database is as big as 170k bloggers from all over the world! They all have more than 20k subscribers which means they are all commercially interesting for the market players. International advertisers have a very vast choice of influencers they could work with. Bloggers’ contact details and statistics make their life much easier. And this database is open and absolutely free."

  • So is your MVP with smart contracts working now? Where can I test it?

    We have a working platform. It’s much more than just mvp. As we haven’t published qz tоkеn and tоkеn exchange is going on, we haven’t published smart contract constructor. But it is ready to be launched on the platform.

  • When are the start and finish of ICO?

    From 14.05.2018 until 30.09.2018

  • How does your search engine work?

    We determine every word that bloggers say in different languages, so we could easily find any blogger you wish for any specific product according to the content of the videos.

  • Are there any alternative search engines in the market?

    You could try to do it using YouTube. But you won’t get any good results. That's because Youtube isn’t interested in developing p2p ad market. You could try to do it via Famebit (the biggest market competitor) but you won’t get so many bloggers. Moreover Famebit is not open. So there are no competitors with such huge search engine. We are the biggest!

  • Roadmap?

    We will adapt the version for the site and publish roadmap in a few days.

  • On which exchanges will be traded your tоkеn?

    The names of the exchanges we can say later. Most likely, the tоkеns will be placed in July, so that anyone can easily buy them.

  • How much will your tоkеn grow in a year?

    The cost is determined on the exchanges. We are working in a growing market and have already have positive feedback from users, so there is a reason for the great demand for tоkеns.

  • How I make money with your project?

    You can find an advertiser on our platform. To make it easier for the advertiser to find you, we recommend adding your channel to the site. Soon we will add text bloggers.

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QZ tоken by Efir – cryptо fuel for influencer marketing

QZ tоken is a universal payment instrument in the Efir ecosystem. It brings to action all deals powered by smart contracts among advertisers, bloggers and external developers
A growing native advertising market and an increasing number of platform users provide demand for the tоken and growth of it’s price.
The tоken can be used as a flawless instrument for international payments. It will be redeemed from the market every time bloggers and advertisers plug in external services via smart contract.
Smart contracts with external oracles allow advertisers to estimate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
The tоken can be converted into other cryptо or fiat currency on exchanges in order to break barriers for users and also build the volume of deals on the platform.
The tоken works on a fair and open decentralized platform based on cryptоgraphy and stimulates risk-free deals and a transparent funnel between advertisers and bloggers.
The absence of mediators minimizes commissions and makes the tоken-usage experience profitable for tоken holders.
It is easy to buу, sell and transfer tоkens to other platform members.
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