Сryptо fuel for influencer marketing

The best advertising solutions in 1 cоin - QZ tоken by Efir.io
Efir erases barriers for external developers to create and sell new solutions for the $80B native advertising market

Сryptо fuel for influencer marketing

The best advertising solutions in 1 cоin - QZ tоken by Efir.io
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QZ token will be listed on LATOKEN
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Project reviews

"Efir.io has already demonstrated the effectiveness of their business model across the Russian blogosphere"
Clif High, @clif_high October Crypto Report
An engaging business plan in the advertising space is offered by an expanding influencer market placement firm. The Qaazqaaz (note: now Efir.io) is Russian, and has already demonstrated the effectiveness of their business model across the Russian blogosphere. The business model will be a difficult one to transition to global environment, however, not impossible to achieve; and the first firm to successfully implement a global influencer marketing strategy will dominate advertising for decades. In our modelspace, the future of advertising is described as being complications-amplified. These sets are filled with references to 'successful strategies' that are to be built around 'influencer marketing' in ways not yet imagined. In this rapidly developing sci-fi world, natural language processing, machine learning, and cognitive snapshots will allow for computers to provide personalized advertising experiences in daily life. This is forecast as leading to less advertising in general, less costs for advertising, and more effective advertising than is possible quite yet. Given the rapid development of the supporting technology, those days are not far off.
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Since 2016 Efir (formerly QaazQaaz) has been striving to develop community-powered standards for influencer marketing. Our goal is to prepare the ground for nextgen technologies and open the native advertising market for external developers and their ideas.
Efir creates a non-commercial blоckchain-based p2p platform that directly connects bloggers, advertisers and external developers together to create the most comprehensive solutions for the influencer market.
Roadmap 22 tasks to complete

Efir facilitates market development to prepare the ground for future technologies

Market development stages
User accumulation
User traffic on efir.io grows consistently. Community adopts basic blоckchain instruments. First external projects in native advertising are ready to plug-in. Data accumulation and processing methods are being set.
Standards implementation
Bloggers become a professional self-regulating advertising platform (like a web-site or a billboard). Rise of production centers, forming the first standards for bloggers native placements with the professional media-community.
Patterns fixation
Mass advertising agencies become professional market players. Marketplace is opened for every external developer to produce and sell tech and business solutions to mass agencies via Efir.
Generative automatization
When the standards are all-set and the process for mass agencies is clear, the automatization begins. Stocks and AI-based business models can prosper.

Efir facilitates market development to prepare the ground for future technologies

Market development stages


We offer free tools for advertisers and bloggers to maximize QZ tоken distribution. Our goal is to accumulate users around our ecosystem and make the adoption of blоckchain technology faster.
Intellectual search
Freely accessible intellectual search for 190k bloggers
Cheap international transaction
Сryptоcurrеncy is perfect for cheaper and faster international transactions
Transparent funnel
Oracles allow measurement of funnel effectiveness implementing CPA to the decentralized market
Free platform
No commissions for smart-contract deals stimulates trust among bloggers and advertisers


QZ tоken is the ‘fuel’ for smart contracts between advertisers, bloggers and external developers. It has the capacity for fiat-cryptо and cryptо-cryptо autoconversion via exchanges. The more users actively using the marketplace, no matter in what currency, the more value and demand QZ tоken has on exchanges.
Why is QZ tоken unique? Learn
Autoconversion of any currency into QZ tоken on exchanges effectively erases barriers for platform users in the growing native advertising market and stimulates price growth.
Smart contracts with external oracles allow advertisers to estimate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and cut transaction costs.
Efir is a non-commercial project and we don’t interfere with you profiting using our tоken. There are no commissions on the platform and we do not issue additional tоkens (to avoid diluting your shares).
1 August 2018 , 1000 QZ = 1,17488 ETH


Due to the live ecosystem, Efir reveals a historically-based database and user traffic enabling external developers to create and sell technological solutions for the native advertising market.
Accumulated and processed data, statistics and users flow on Efir.io
Ad-stocks, programmatic AI, content creators and consumers can use all the advantages of the ecosystem to create and promote their services.

Exchange stages

October, 2017
Private Sale
December, 2017
May – September, 2018
Main Sale
October, 2018
Post Sale

tоkеn use

100M QZ tоkens will be emitted

Team & advisers

Our experienced team lend their understanding and ability in advertising, technology and financial services to developing and maintaining QZ
Denis Shayahmetov
CEO & Founder
Russia, Moscow. 9 years in IT. 4 years in large federal IT projects management. Certified IPMA project manager
Askar Abildaev
Efir.io PM
Russia, Moscow. 8 years of IT experience. Federal level projects web and mobile applications developement control
Vicky He
Regional Consultant (Asia)
Magic Wallet co-founder, Broad Harvest Holdings Limited administrative partner, Chief Operations Officer at GTStоkеns Chief Operation
Dr. Sanjaya Kanthan
Regional Consultant (APAC)
Australia, Sydney. 8 years in Investments and 4 years in blосkсhain
Vladimir Koveshnikov
Marketing & Product Development
Russia, Moscow. 13 years in IT. Projects design and implementation at the leading Russian and foreign companies
Dmitry Vinokurov
Russia, Perm. 8 years in IT. 3 years of management in successful Russian start-ups
Sergey Potekhin
Blосkсhain teamlead
Teamlead of blоckchain development and blосkсhain enthusiast.
Denis Shaklein
Blосkсhain dev
Moscow, 3 years in IT. Was engaged in the development of mobile applications and highly loaded server solutions
Magomed Aliyev
Blосkсhain dev
Moscow, 3 years in IT. One of the first Solidity developers in Russia, more than two years of experience developing and integrating the blocking products
Michael Belyakov
English speaking segment supervisor
Russia, Moscow. More than 30 years in the Ministery of Foreign Affairs and foreign companies
Anna Kozlovskaya
Russia, Moscow. Ph.D. 10 years in IT jurisprudence
Nikolay Yakovlev
Data Scientist
Data Scientist. More than 15 years of experience in financial departments of leading transnational industrial corporations such as “Procter and Gamble”, “Oracle”, “Uponor Rus”, ”Alfalaval”. Partisipation in projects of World Bank and EU
Inna Rudaya
PR manager
Russia, Moscow. International Youth Projects organization and promotion experience
Anton Elovikov
Product Designer
Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Former brand-designer in hackRussia (the first and biggest all-Russian hackathon) and co-founder in Cassiopeia Labs.
ElizabЕТН Kornaukhova
Manager of the CIS bloggers
Ukraine, Severodonetsk. Administration and support for users of popular Internet projects in Russia and Ukraine
Ilya Holnov
Agencies.efir.io PM
Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Successful development of Russian digital projects
Anastasia Zotova
Production.efir.io PM
Russia, Moscow. Digital sphere projects control and promotion experience
Danil Vishnyakov
Software Engineer
Russia, Kotlas. 9 years IT experience. Successful implementation of IT start-ups. 6 years of experience. Implementation of MVP efir.io (qaazqaaz.com)
Kirill Dolmatov
Front-end developer
Russia, Moscow. 5 years in IT. Interface development in successful Russian start-ups
Alexander Gerasimov
System Administrator
Russia, Moscow. 8 years in IT. Management of industrial servers. 5 year experience
Advisers on Efir Ecosystem
Dmitry Vasilevsky
Stanislav Gaiduk
Vladimir Sukhodoev
Anton Zuzin
Dmitry Vasilevsky
Really cool project! And it does solve market problems. I like its strong team and science-intensive technologies. They can actually give the market a great boost for development. It’s important to notice that all the subprojects are deeply integrated and interconnected with each other. This gives a strong synergistic effect. I am sure that with projects of efir.io the market will be growing at a faster speed. I don’t see any strong rivalry on the market and that’s why the growth should be rapid.
Stanislav Gaiduk
I believe that those who solve the market problems today will dominate in the future. The project has all the chances for international success. I have been helping the project since the moment when the Idea was born. It’s been just a bit longer than a month and we already see all top international Youtube bloggers on the plarform. Isn’t that a success? Technologies for Youtube that the guys from Efir have worked out can be implemented in other social networks as well. This will be a great driver for the development of all projects from Efir Ecosystem. 
Vladimir Sukhodoev
The project team launches new technologies at a shocking speed. Someone comes to the office with a new idea in the morning, the hypothesis check finishes by the evening and basic functionality (design of fronton and backend development) is ready to be published in a couple of days.
It’s fascinating how modern science-intensive technologies can solve complicated business problems.
What is going on inside Efir.io looks like an incubator. The main platform of efir.io gives life to a big amount of smaller startups which develop native advertising market.
Anton Zuzin
The team is actually strong and passionate about the idea of making bloggers native advertising market clear and transparent. Lighted up eyes, exceptionally smart brains and colossal motivation for a result. These actually are the people to create the market of the future. If you are in Moscow, visit them in their office to have a look at this outstanding team.
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QZ tоken by Efir – cryptо fuel for influencer marketing

QZ tоken is a universal payment instrument in the Efir ecosystem. It brings to action all deals powered by smart contracts among advertisers, bloggers and external developers
A growing native advertising market and an increasing number of platform users provide demand for the tоken and growth of it’s price.
The tоken can be used as a flawless instrument for international payments. It will be redeemed from the market every time bloggers and advertisers plug in external services via smart contract.
Smart contracts with external oracles allow advertisers to estimate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
The tоken can be converted into other cryptо or fiat currency on exchanges in order to break barriers for users and also build the volume of deals on the platform.
The tоken works on a fair and open decentralized platform based on cryptоgraphy and stimulates risk-free deals and a transparent funnel between advertisers and bloggers.
The absence of mediators minimizes commissions and makes the tоken-usage experience profitable for tоken holders.
It is easy to buу, sell and transfer tоkens to other platform members.
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