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QZ founder

We are producing efir.io for native advertising with bloggers. All the barriers for the advertisers are removed thanks to increased advertising quality, decentralized training, and effectiveness control. Our technologies allow us to buy native advertising from bloggers all over the world. We will help bloggers who share their unique skills to reach success. Our API allows technological startups aimed at increasing the quality of advertising with bloggers to get access to the market. Our successful experience in the CIS market on YouTube allows entry to international markets and represents us on social networks. With your assistance we will make this market transparent and wider


We bring success to anyone who has expertise and is ready to inspire

Our goal is to create strong community of bloggers, creators and producers to share their skills and success among others to become on-demand specialists.


The whitepaper

Our API allows technological startups aimed at increasing the quality of advertising with bloggers to get access to the market.

Efir.io possesses unique non-public data available from several social networks about specific bloggers of interest.


The whitepaper


We make the native advertising market transparent

We increase bloggers advertising quality

By means of training and decentralized producing on the basis of expert communities

We make international transactions cheaper

Thanks to use of QZ tokens between bloggers and advertisers

We decrease communication cost

With automated selection, performance monitoring (including use of external services) and transparent funnels between advertising and real actions

We implement CPA pricing model

We help to buy and sell advertising with payment for the action (PR or Marketing), not just for the fact of advertising




Terms of conditions

How does efir.io work?

Success story

It took us half of a year to cover 28% of popular Russian
speaking bloggers

  • Bloggers
  • Tasks
  • Visitors/month

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  • Development office is opened in Moscow
  • 12 languages in 22 countries available
  • Rebranding is made
  • Twitch is switched on


  • Management office is opened
  • International and regional professional communities organization (bloggers, producers,...)
  • Smart-contracts first deals in cryptocurrency
  • Basic functionality for producers professional communities
  • Switching on LiveJournal, Telegram, etc
  • Complete functionality for agencies advertisers and bloggers
  • Basic API for external services

7500+ ETH

  • The Board of Trustees is organized
  • The number of bloggers Is increasing with the involvement of decentralized producers communities
  • Regional agents networks are organized
  • Branch analysis is made, reports are published
  • All the transactions are being made using QZ cryptocurrency
  • Pinterest, Tumblr etc. are switched on
  • Realization of complete functionality for decentralized producers community and bloggers training
  • Complete API to switch external services
  • QZ volatility control instruments


Our Board of Advisors afford their vast knowledge managing and advising QZ

Dmitry Vasilevsky

Associate, BCG

Stanislav Gaiduk

Senior Associate Consultant, Bain&Company

Vladimir Sukhodoev

PM, Strategy Partners Group

Anton Zuzin

Tracker, Fund for the Development of Internet Initiatives


Our experienced team lend their understanding and ability in advertising, technology and financial services to developing and maintaining QZ

Russia, Moscow. 9 years in IT. 4 years in large federal IT projects management. Certified IPMA project manager.

Denis Shayahmetov


Russia, Perm. 8 years in IT. 3 years of management in successful Russian start-ups.

Dmitry Vinokurov

CTO, Blockchain

Russia, Kotlas. 9 years IT experience. Successefull implementation of IT start-ups. 6 years of experience.Implementation of MVP efir.io (qaazqaaz.com).

Danil Vishnyakov

Front End

Ukraine, Severodonetsk. Administration and support for users of popular Internet projects in Russia and Ukraine.

Elizabeth Kornaukhova

Regional Manager

Russia, Moscow. 13 years in IT. Projects design and implementation at the leading Russian and foreign companies

Vladimir Koveshnikov

Marketing&Product Development

Russia, Moscow. 8 years in IT. Management of industrial servers. 5 year experience

Alexander Gerasimov

System Administrator

Russia, Moscow. Ph.D. 10 years in IT jurisprudence.

Anna Kozlovskaya


Australia, Sydney. 8 years in Investments and 4 years in Blockchain

Dr Sanjaya Kanthan

APAC Regional Consultant

Token Exchange proccess

11-16 December, 2017

PreQZ – pre-Token Exchange emitted tokens. Conversion into QZ with 50% bonus. 1000 ETH collected.

Token Exchange,
SPRING, 2018

Funds withdrawal is possible by Escrow only. 7500 ETH+ to collect.

Post Token Exchange

50% of funds will be sent for the project realization. 50% will be transferred by equal parts once in 3 months during 9 months after Token Exchange by quarterly report publishing

Token emission and fees use

100 mln QZ tokens will be emitted

  • 60% Token Exchange
  • 20% Team Bonus
  • 17% Reserve (volatility reduce fund)
  • 3% Bounty
  • 15% Legal and Taxes
  • 40% Development
  • 45% Organization of communities in the countries of presence

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Clif High

Blogger, Halfpasthuman Adventures

The qaazqaaz (efir.io) has already demonstrated the effectiveness of their business model. The first firm to successfully implement a global influence marketing strategy will dominate advertising for decades

Liudmila Golubkova

Managing Partner, Starta Capital

From mine point of view you have all the chances for successful Token Sale

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